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We are Business Visa Specialists

We assist Australian business in 2 key areas:

Australian business recruiting offshore skilled worker expertise - 482 Visa ( Temporary) and 186 Visa (Permanent)

We assist the Australian business community with the visa applications for overseas recruited skilled workers to come to Australia as a temporary resident to work for their sponsoring employer for varying periods, potentially up to 4 years. There are also pathways for permanent residence under the employer sponsored category, either as a primary visa or through transition from the temporary residence visa stream.

The required applications can be complex especially for smaller businesses or SME's, involving both an assessment of the business's financial and operational needs, as well as the proposed applicant's suitability for the role.We can assist with all of the evidentiary requirement, presenting applications that logical, concise and compelling, and thereby increasing the probability of a successful outcome.

Businss Skills Overview (188 Visas and 132 Visa)

There are a number of visa sub-streams that make up the Business Skills program, but broadly speaking there are 3 different programs.

1. Significant Investor Migration Scheme

These visas are generally temporary visas, valid for 4 years and could lead to a permanent visa grant once certain minimum business activities have been satisfied. These visas are for people with business skills or significant investor activity who are prepared to make significant initial investments in Australia ($5 million minimum, or $15 million for the Premium Investor Stream). Given the significance of the investments, these visas, there is less initial focus on the proposed business activity as a condition of visa grant. Nevertheless, there is an expectation that successful applicants will in due course establish or develop business activity that will benefit the employment or innovation needs of sponsoring State or Territory.

.2. Business Owner Migration Scheme - Business Skills Visa

These visas are generally temporary visas, valid for 4 years and could lead to a permanent visa grant once certain minimum business activities have been satisfied. These visas are for people with business skills who want to establish, develop and manage a new or existing business in Australia, or make significant investment ( but more modest than for the significant investor stream) in Australia in order to foster business activities in Australia.

The application process is complex and it is important for prospective applicants to note that the initial process is for lodgement of an Expression of Interest (EOI) only. Only persons, who have lodged an EOI and have received an invitation to apply, can validly apply for a Business Skills Visa.

What are the Key Criteria Prospective Applicants must meet for a Business Skills Visa?

Firstly, all interested persons must be able to demonstrate a successful business career and must have been actively involved in the both the strategic and day to day management of their business (es), or actively managing their investments.

Secondly, all persons must also have a genuine and realistic intention, and the financial means, to either purchase an existing business in Australia, to establish a new business in Australia, or in the case of an investor business migrant.

Thirdly, all persons lodging an EOI are assessed and given scores for various business skills attributes according to a "Points System". There is currently a minimum score of 65 points before a person is eligible for an invitation, but having scored 65 points does not guarantee an invitation. All potentially eligible persons are ranked and only those with the highest scores and attractive business cases are ultimately invited to apply.

Genuine Business Criteria

Except for investment linked business visa applicants, applicants must show that they are genuinely interested in establishing a business in Australia or in participating in an existing business in Australia. A number of factors will be taken into account in assessing the applicant's business case, including research by applicant into the Australian business environment and the degree and scope of planning undertaken for setting up the business in Australia. The business must also be able to demonstrate potential benefits to Australia.

3. Business Talent

This visa is for people with business skills who propose to establish business that is of exceptional economic benefit to the sponsoring State or Territory. This visa is permanent visa, but subject to cancellation if subsequent to grant the business activity obligations are not met.

How do we add value to the application process

We have all the necessary "in house" financial expertise, knowledge and experience to prepare, present and manage business migration applications for our clients. We will critically appraise your business case and provide you with recommendations to enhance the probability of your visa application being successful. As with all of the visa applications we prepare, we will ensure your application is supported by quality and verifiable documentary evidence. Should you so require, we can assist you with formal business planning, preparing your business plan, feasibility studies, project evaluation, and financial forecast calculations, as well as with the wealth of business knowledge we have acquired over many years experience. We can also assist with with the preparation of the sponsorship application to a Australian State or Territory Business Development Agency.

Our service does not stop once you are granted a visa. We can assist you with the many tasks of setting up and operating your Australian business. By drawing on our local knowledge and and our wealth of business experience you will find it easier to quickly assimilate the Australian business culture and your Australian business will prosper in no time at all.


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