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What we do

Our job is to prepare, present and manage migration applications (and related applications) for our clients. Our objective is to do our job in such a manner that we maximise the opportunity of your application being successful.

There are many different types of applications which you may be eligible for and we will endeavour to identify the most suitable options for you. Our advice and representation includes the following:

  • Residence and Temporary Applications for:
    • Business People who want to establish a business in Australia
    • Family Members, such as spouses,prospective spouses, same sex couples, children, parents and other close relatives
    • Skilled Professionals - such as skilled permanent migrants (both EOI applications and Visa applications) temporary workers (482 Visas).
    • Employer Sponsored Employees (482 Visa and 186 Visa)
  • Citizenship Applications
  • Resident Return Visa Applications
  • Review Tribunal Applications - an appeal avenue if you have been refused a visa for Australia

How we assist our clients


We will provide you with a comprehensive and realistic assessment in which we will identify the potential options available to you for migrating to Australia. We will appraise your chances of success under each option identified and we will evaluate your ability to satisfy the eligibility criteria for a specific visa. At this stage, we will also give you a quote for the costs of our services to represent you in the preparation and presentation of your visa application. Our quote will allow you to know up-front what the costs of your prospective application will be - it is a quote upon which you can rely.

Application Strategy

Once you engage our services, we will then outline the sequence of steps and the time-frame involved in the application process and will provide you with a tailor-made and detailed list of the documents and evidence required for your prospective application. We will check your documents to ensure that they comply with the evidentiary requirements of the Department of Immigration and we will assist you to the greatest extent possible with all relevant application forms. We will also create an Index of Documentary Evidence by compiling and collating the documents, evidence and information we will have requested from you in support of your application.

Our next step is to prepare a comprehensive legal submission which identifies in specific detail your ability to satisfy the particular visa's eligibility criteria. Our legal submission will also present and list the supporting documentation enclosed with your application. Whilst it may be argued that a legal submission is not required for a valid and successful application, our experience has been that a legal submission assists the decision-maker to make a favourable determination regarding your application. This is because our legal submission will demonstrate to the decision-maker that the legal requirements of the visa have been satisfied and that the evidentiary requirements of the visa have been complied with.

Application Management

Once we have lodged your application with the appropriate office of the Department of Immigration, we will continue to actively manage your application and monitor its progress. We will coordinate subsequent requests by the decision-makers for further information (eg medical examination results) and we will check regularly on the processing of your application. By requesting updates as to the status of your application, we will ensure that your application is processed on a timely basis. Once your application has been approved, we will continue to assist you by arranging for the visa to be endorsed in your passport and by advising you on the conditions associated to your visa.

At every stage of the application process - from start to finish, we will keep you informed and address any migration or visa concerns you may have. You can be assured that we will do everything reasonably possible to ensure that your application is presented in the best possible light and actioned as quickly as possible.

Congratulations - You Have a Visa!

From personal experience as migrants, we know that after having been granted a visa, there will be a myriad of questions and concerns about your future life in Australia. As you plan and make arrangements to come to Australia, we will be happy to give you the benefit of our experience - all you have to do is ask! We can help you with answers to simple questions, we can make inquiries on your behalf and we can even act for you in certain circumstances should you require it.

CCOVID-19 information for visa holders

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a serious detrimental impact on foreign nationals, whether they have already applied for a visa, are in Australia on a temporary visa that is due to expire or are foreign nationals who are on temporary work visas ( 482 Visa/ 457 Visa) who have been stood-down or dismissed due their sponsoring businessí closure or financial difficulty. Whilst the economic consequences for many people in this situation are already dire enough, the legalities of a personís ongoing immigration status in Australia caught up in the CONVID-19 situation can be extremely complex, and you should proceed with caution and consult professional advice from a OMARA registered professional.

There will come a time when hopefully visa processing will return to the pre Convid-19 rules and all the people who had their visa status affected by Convid-19 will want to seek to return to their prior visa status, if at all possible. This will be to some extent unexplored territory, but our dedication to client service and with the professional support of our peak professional body, the Migration Institute of Australia will leave us well places to respond to the professional challenges our clients will expect from us.

We look forward to providing you with our very best service.


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